The Center released the following statement in response to the Trump Administrations decision to reverse common-sense rules reducing methane emissions

For Immediate Release
Contact: Isaac Brown (202)540-9162

August 29, 2019


Center for Methane Emissions Solutions, a national business coalition of companies in the methane emission detection and repair industry issued the following statement in reaction to the Trump Administration’s decision to reverse EPA’s methane rule

“The Center strongly disagrees with the U.S. EPA’s decision to reverse common-sense standards that require the oil and gas industry to utilize existing technologies that reduce the release of harmful methane emissions. These rules were put in place after years of input from industry. In fact, some of the nation’s leading producers have spoken publicly about the need for national standards to curb unnecessary waste and pollution.

The Trump Administration’s decision to gut the EPA methane rule today will lead to more waste and the loss of good-paying jobs in the methane mitigation growing industry. This proposal introduces a tremendous amount of uncertainty at precisely the time when employers around the country are hiring thousands of workers to handle the growing demand in states such as New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming. We look forward to our continued work with the leadership of those states to find practical solutions that allow the oil and gas industry to thrive while preventing more pollution and the needless waste of American energy.”