STATEMENT of Isaac Brown Regarding Shell’s Announcement Supporting Federal Methane Rules

The Center for Methane Emissions Solutions applauds Royal Dutch Shell for acknowledging that methane emissions are a serious problem and that the Federal Government should regulate new and existing sources. This statement is critical because it comes at a time when the Trump Administration is rolling back common-sense standards that were put in place to provide just the regulatory framework Shell now says is necessary. As the national voice for companies that work every day with oil and gas producers in 46 states across the country to address methane leaks in a cost-effective manner, I urge the Trump Administration to heed Shell’s strong advice and reconsider its decisions to undo these rules.

The Center for Methane Emissions Solutions is the voice of the methane mitigation industry in the United States. The methane mitigation industry is a robust and growing American industry, which works closely with oil and gas industry to address methane waste in a cost-efficient manner.