Statement in response to the House of Representatives passing legislation blocking the EPA from Enforcing Regulations of Methane Waste at oil and gas sites. ​

Today, Congress approved legislation that undermines the EPA’s ability to enforce common-sense regulations of methane waste at oil and gas sites.  If enacted into law, this policy would represent a significant step-backward for one of America’s burgeoning industries.  There are over 130 methane emission detection and mitigation companies headquartered in the United States providing vital services to the oil and gas sector.  The rules put into place by EPA last year are not, as the sponsor of the provisions claims, a “job-killing regulation” that will cost the economy $530 million annually by limiting oil and gas operations.  The reality is quite the opposite.  By working with our member companies, oil and gas producers have been able to comply with the rules and save money by preventing costly methane waste, which most often occurs as the result of human-error and is very inexpensive to fix.

As this legislation is considered in the Senate, we look forward to working with Senators from both parties who understand the value contribution our companies make to the American economy.