CMES Statement Regarding Proposed Venting and Flaring Rule in New Mexico

Over the next two weeks, the New Mexico Oil Conservation Commission will hold a hearing to consider the Lujan Grisham administration’s draft methane waste rule to address venting and flaring emissions from oil and gas sites throughout the state. This is the first of two such rulemakings to address methane and air pollution emissions. A revised New Mexico Environment Department rule which will specifically address leaks is expected in the spring.

CMES Executive Director, Isaac Brown, released the following statement: “The Oil Conservation Commission should finalize a strong rule that bans routine venting and flaring. The technologies exist today to capture methane on-site and either use those resources to power those operations or bring more natural gas to market. We also have the technology to ensure that when flaring is absolutely necessary, it is done as efficiently as possible to reduce the impacts of climate change and air pollution. A strong methane waste rule is just the first step, and the Center for Methane Emissions Solutions looks forward to working with the Lujan Grisham administration to ensure that NMED takes a comprehensive approach to addressing leaks and emissions across the oil and gas supply chain. There are many companies headquartered right here in New Mexico that have the technological know-how to provide cost-effective solutions to cut methane and help achieve the state’s climate goals.”